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DISRUPT HEALTH TECH , One stop podcast for all the latest news and insights on the rapidly evolving world of healthcare technology. From innovative health technology, digital health and medical devices to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation. Explore it all.

You’ll hear from experts as well as entrepreneurs on how to leverage technology and revolutionize healthcare. Join us each week as we discuss the challenges, opportunities and innovative solutions impacting the future of healthcare together.


Join us on January 24th as we talk with guest speaker Ramy El Khoury, MD, President & CEO of Neurocare of the South and ElKRA AI. In this episode, we will discuss strategies and technologies poised to transform healthcare practice management.

We explored how health tech businesses can market themselves with Adam Rosenberg, Senior Director of Marketing at RXLightning. In this insightful podcast, Wendy & Adam discuss crafting impactful marketing campaigns despite limited resources and highlights the significance of partner growth, brand awareness, and sales enablement.

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